Jimmy Kimmel Follows ACG CRC Screening Guidelines, Gets Colonoscopy at Age 50

Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, who turned 50 in late 2017, has followed The American College of Gastroenterology Colorectal Cancer Screening Guidelines and received his first colonoscopy. As the second most-common killer of men and women combined, and the third most-commonly diagnosed cancer in America, colorectal cancer has had an important impact on many people, including journalist Katie Couric, whose husband died of the disease in 1998. While early forms of the disease often show no symptoms, colorectal cancer is both preventable and treatable, and it is recommended that all people age 50 (as well as African Americans age 45) who are at normal risk for the cancer undergo a colonoscopy. A family history or other factors may also require screening before age 50 or more frequent screening, and those experiencing certain symptoms, such as weight loss, rectal bleeding, and weakness, should talk to their physician immediately.

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