Open-Access Colonoscopy Procedure

What is it?

Men and women age 45 and older are advised to have a colonoscopy, which can be used to screen for colon cancer. Open-access colonoscopy gives healthy patients of this age the opportunity to schedule a colonoscopy without visiting a physician’s office prior to the procedure. This can be accomplished by filling out an Open-Access Request Form. However, it is recommended that patients with gastrointestinal issues, poorly controlled diabetes, significant heart disease, kidney problems, changes in bowel habits, or intense breathing problems meet with their physician prior to having a colonoscopy.

Patients in good health can submit the Open-Access Request Form and will be contacted within three business days. At that time you will review your health history with one of our staff members. He or she will also review the instructions for the colonoscopy procedure and call the prescription for bowel preparation in to your pharmacy.

How is it Done?


Open-Access Colonoscopy Procedure Video

This procedure is an examination of the large intestine. The physician will look for inflammation, ulcers, or abnormal growths called polyps. The physician uses a colonoscope. This is an instrument with a small camera attached to a soft, flexible tube. The procedure usually lasts from 30 minutes to an hour.